Pietro Travaglini


Pietro Travaglini

Pietro Travaglini, designer from Bologna, starts his path at the Faculty of Architecture of Florence, as a result of a natural predisposition to the artistic research, combined with inspirational sources such as Mathematics , Physics and Philosophy.
With time, he perceives the design as the ability to narrate and to tell one’s own story in that boundary line between art and design, a perfect limbo where one can feel alive.

His projects were born in his studio, based on prototypes, and their  fundamental characteristic is the sense of movement they constantly convey, to stimulate imagination in its possible applications.
The sense of light and space are a necessity for this young artist from Bologna. The light is the strong and effective element that links the space to the surrounding environment, like a simple diaphanous soul, interacting with all that is involved in this process. It is an emotive language  able to tell about the links and the binds that arise from light, making the object unique. The links with the surrounding environment, not always palpable but perceptible, are created by these emotions, and they make strong connections: without them the project would lose its humanity.

Design is that thin line between art and project that is constantly crossed and it’s loaded with dreams, desires and passions, so intense and personal sometimes that they can give birth to an idea, often suggested by the observation of nature, and solely focused on a subject: humans.
Design pieces that do not feel the becoming in time but which can coexist in different ages future or past almost as if they were “timeless”, not influenced by fashions and can be transformed, shaped to the needs and personality of the purchaser.

Pietro Travaglini created and promoted DeVision (Design Vision) a competition for Design students, aimed at bringing to life the real essence of the craft, realised in cooperation with the Museo del Patrimonio Industriale (Museum of Industrial Heritage) of Bologna, and its first participants were students from the L.U.N.A. University of Bologna, who attended a course taught by Travaglini himself.

He took part in several fairs, shows and events, including, but not limited to, the Fuorisalone di Milano, Habitat, exhibition of interior design and housing solutions of Venice, Fierarredo in Bologna, Oltrelarte for Art City White Night in Bologna, Race to Surface of Microsoft at the MAMbo, Ripple of Hope on-line auction promoted by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights (RFK Center). In 2014, Travaglini attended as “ambassador” the photographic exhibition Affligem Momentum, realised by Giovanni Gastel aimed at describing the luxury brand Affligem of Heineken.  The work of Pietro Travaglini attracted the attention of the Italian and international press, specialised and not specialised, paperback and on-line. Of the many newspapers and magazines in which he appeared, we mention: Interni magazine, La Stampa, GQ Italia, Libero, Le Figaro, Trendhunter, Yanko Design.


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